Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost Worlds

Assignment for school, painting an environment's night vs. day, getting that lost civilization's vibe.

Inspired by Ringworld and Miyazaki

Done with guache, each pannel 8.5" x 6.5" No refereces used.


Nicole said...

Another amazing set of paintings, Jimmy.

I love your use of colour in both of them.

I'm in awe.

Sam Amanfi said...

not sure which one is ma fav but I'm guessing the night scene was more challenging. I haven't seen ring-worlds but it does remind me of halo. Strong paintings man, i've yet to start. how long they take ya?

Lwang said...

very nice =) the night one does have a Miyazaki feeling to it hehe

kathryn durst said...

i saw this in the hallway, it's really an awesome painting c:
i love all the creatures with the glowy designs, really neat!