Saturday, September 13, 2008

Name Plate Coloured

Done for Okamura's digital tools class. The assignment was basically scanning in a line art, doing some cropping and resizing, and ultimately getting the piece down to a really small file, but I've made bigger versions to detail up later anyways heh heh. I think he said to use more than 2 layers... but.... I only used 2 layers from start to finish... hope I won't loose marks : C

Painted in Photoshop CS from pencil line art.


Done as a gift for my girlfriend's birthday, which is coming up on September the 26th!!!

For this piece, I wanted to create something... really cosmic and celestial. I was really inspired by looking at nebulae and some South American art, and so I played around with those and I incorporated those elements to the guy. I imported custom textures for the background, and painted in the cracks, and rendered in the chipped bits.

As for the meaning of this painting? Well it essentially shows a dying innocence of our world, of how our actions as mankind may make or break the frail essence of existence.

Done from scratch on Photoshop.


Did this speed painting in Photoshop CS after I saw the Dark Knight. Wanted to make my version of the craaaaaaaaaaazy clown... Had to paint in those texts, would've been awesome if those were pre-set ones : c

Dominance War III -Desecrator-

Done for this year's Dominance War, I think over 600 people participated, I ended up in 15th under the 2D finalists with this entry. Basically the rules this year was to create a character that uses no modern technology, and wields a single magical artifact. We as contestants had to not only create a final, polished image, but to also show progressive concepts in online forums, and ultimately submit 2 extra sheets, one of the character's full body rotations, and a visual mechanics sheet explaining everything that has to do with the character. I guess it was really tough for me because at the time, I had high school to finish up, ontop of knowing about this contest 3 weeks it was due, so instead of having 1 and a half month with this, I rushed it in 3 weeks : C

done from scratch on Photoshop CS

Birds of War

The Seekers, led by StarScream, followed by SkyWarp(right) and ThunderCracker (bottom).

HUGE Transformers fan myself, and I just couldn't resist doing a tribute painting to the new live action movie. I painted this scene, in hope that they'll show Screamer's henchmen in the next upcoming sequel lol I just love to paint details and mechs : / and I wanted to show an extreme, fast moving scene, so I bent the horizon of the background, and did a little motion blur to emphasize that these characters are zoom zooming at like what... 116516484 mph? I used refs for StarScream, but I changed the design of his face from the movie and kinda gave him a mouth... and got some refs of real F22 Raptors, cuz... I honestly didn't know what they looked like hah...

done in Photoshop CS from scratch.

Stand In The Way

A character from my personal comic project, just tried to put him into an environment. I really wanted to try doing some landscape painting here, and just adding the dude in. Once again, using the red/blue/purple colours. One thing I could've done better here was to put something close to the character to show some scale, but I guess the dead monster that he's standing on doesn't really help eh? Anyway, this was done back in this March, so I'm getting close to uploading the recent stuff.

Created with Photoshop CS from scratch.

Fear No Death

Raiden from Metal Gear Solid, remade as the cyborg ninja in Guns of the Patriot.

Since I really love the whole 3/4 back shot, I decided to incorporate that into this piece's composition. Basically I just tried for a simple colour scheme, and really emphasize on the character's sense of mystique and power, plus I really love his glowing mechanical eyes from the game, so I really popped that out in this piece.

Done in Photoshop CS from scratch.

A Distant Dream

: O done as a Valentines gift for my lovely girl earlier this year. I was inspired by the scenes in Eureka 7, and since that show was also one of her fav shows, I decided to incorperate the LFOs in the sky into this piece. Once again, the old red/blue/purple colour scheme showing up again hah hah.

Done in Photoshop CS from scratch.

Rocker Chicks

Done as a commission for a client. Basically I was just given 2 characters, and the theme was rock n roll. So I applied 2 of my most fav guitars, the Ibanez Jem and the Gibson Explorer. Got some refs for the figures from a fashion mag, and I just played around with the colour pallets... by now hopefuly you can tell that my fav kinda colours are red, blue, and purple lol

Done on Photoshop CS from scratch.

We Are Venom

Ugh... more oldies.

Done this before Spiderman 3 came out, which was SO disappointing imo. For this piece, I really wanted to show the vile and grossness of this character, so I emphasized on the teeth and tongue. I imported several custom textures for the background, kinda giving it like an old, moldy, sewer like wall, kinda like.... he's gross yet beeky right? I also went around, getting references for the arms and hands, kinda improvised for his muscles on the arms, cuz.. well I don't think I can get arms and hands like those? Done on Photoshop CS from scratch.

The Lone Guardian

Okay... wait this is still an old piece back from April 2007 : /

I wanted to try my hands on painting symmetric stuff, so I stole my friend's Gundam model for reference and painted this. I guess this was an ok practice for doing some scale painting, maybe next time I could bring the view down further, like have it closer to those guys on the ground while looking up at the big guy : / Anyway, this was done in Photoshop Cs from scratch.


A character concept for my comic project : /

I wanted to do something really dynamic for the figure, so I got the character to wip his weapon around? hah... Anyway, done in Photoshop CS from scratch.

Lord of the Greater Fiends

Doku, the evil spirit that embodies the suit of a dark samurai, wielding the evil Dark Dragon Blade.
For this piece, I wanted to really emphasize the face of the character, but still keeping all the details on him. I also wanted to present the character as a really tall and intimidating figure. Done in Photoshop CS from scratch.

Poison Against Poison

Evangelion 02 vs. the Mass Production Models from End of Evangelion. I loved painting this piece because these characters have the ability to show human anatomy, while still maintaining the robotic feel to them. Done in Photoshop CS from scratch. I got really lazy for the background though : C

Rolling Blackouts

The Noisetanks from Jet Set Radio Future, crazy fan of this game, well I'm a mech/robot fan in general hah...

I started this pic out in Photoshop CS with a simple background, with just the center Tank, once I got a good colour and pose for the dude, I started on the other 2 Tanks. The background has a custom graffiti mark which I designed, which says 'NT2K' aka the 'Noise Tank 2000'

Frame Hopper

Messing around with layout heh... Just a dude from my comic project. Kinda playing around with ideas... This one was done in September of 2006.

Heavenly Class

This was done in August of 2006, wait the dates are getting messed up for my posts lol. Anway, I'm a HUGE fan of the game Zone of the Enders, and this is a tribute to the awesome series.

I started this piece from scratch on Photoshop, originally just a quick speed painting, but I soon fell into adding all the tiny details, and eventually it came out to this. I went for an extreme angle in this because I wanted to emphasize the 2 character's confrontation, and to really show the sheer size of the orbital frame Zakat in the background against the main character Jehuty.

Calm Waters

: O Sup everyone, finally got a blog spot hah hah, well anyways here's my first post, and I'll start with my old stuff to new!

This one was done way back in March of 2007, done on Photoshop CS from scratch. I was really inspired by The Odyssey at the time, and I wanted to paint my own version of a Siren. I was very inspired by Michael Whelan's works, and so I wanted to pay a little homage to his style.

I had a lot of trouble finding the proper refs for the cloth, so I mostly improvised by getting stuff from home, piled them up and whatnot, and there it is.