Saturday, September 13, 2008


Done as a gift for my girlfriend's birthday, which is coming up on September the 26th!!!

For this piece, I wanted to create something... really cosmic and celestial. I was really inspired by looking at nebulae and some South American art, and so I played around with those and I incorporated those elements to the guy. I imported custom textures for the background, and painted in the cracks, and rendered in the chipped bits.

As for the meaning of this painting? Well it essentially shows a dying innocence of our world, of how our actions as mankind may make or break the frail essence of existence.

Done from scratch on Photoshop.


L said...

Reminds me of Klimt's the Kiss =) gorgeous

Jimmy Xu said...

Hah hah now I see it too : D

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks great!