Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dominance War III -Desecrator-

Done for this year's Dominance War, I think over 600 people participated, I ended up in 15th under the 2D finalists with this entry. Basically the rules this year was to create a character that uses no modern technology, and wields a single magical artifact. We as contestants had to not only create a final, polished image, but to also show progressive concepts in online forums, and ultimately submit 2 extra sheets, one of the character's full body rotations, and a visual mechanics sheet explaining everything that has to do with the character. I guess it was really tough for me because at the time, I had high school to finish up, ontop of knowing about this contest 3 weeks it was due, so instead of having 1 and a half month with this, I rushed it in 3 weeks : C

done from scratch on Photoshop CS

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