Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birds of War

The Seekers, led by StarScream, followed by SkyWarp(right) and ThunderCracker (bottom).

HUGE Transformers fan myself, and I just couldn't resist doing a tribute painting to the new live action movie. I painted this scene, in hope that they'll show Screamer's henchmen in the next upcoming sequel lol I just love to paint details and mechs : / and I wanted to show an extreme, fast moving scene, so I bent the horizon of the background, and did a little motion blur to emphasize that these characters are zoom zooming at like what... 116516484 mph? I used refs for StarScream, but I changed the design of his face from the movie and kinda gave him a mouth... and got some refs of real F22 Raptors, cuz... I honestly didn't know what they looked like hah...

done in Photoshop CS from scratch.

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