Saturday, September 13, 2008

Name Plate Coloured

Done for Okamura's digital tools class. The assignment was basically scanning in a line art, doing some cropping and resizing, and ultimately getting the piece down to a really small file, but I've made bigger versions to detail up later anyways heh heh. I think he said to use more than 2 layers... but.... I only used 2 layers from start to finish... hope I won't loose marks : C

Painted in Photoshop CS from pencil line art.


noodlenoggen said...

Jeez, that's pretty. 8) But where's your group info? Like "Group A" or whatever. It'd suck if you lost marks on something nice like this for missing something lame like that. XD

Mind if I link to you on my blog? I'm in first year too, so I'm hunting about for classmates on here.

Jimmy Xu said...

Hah hah oops thanks for the reminder, and yea sure of course you can link me to your blog!

Nicole said...

Solid work.
(referring to all of the paintings you've posted here. I really like the venom one).

Do you mind if i also link to you from my blog?
(im a 1st year animation kid, too).

Anonymous said...

sweet work man... i love your hands and feet.

and i'm a huge transformer fan too so ilove that you did a tribute to starscream thundercracker and skywarp.

I hope animation is treating you well... my advice though? pay attention in lectures. you never know when something vital is going to be said.