Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Black Hand

3 hours doooooodle!!!

Character from Tiberium wars

: O He'll CHAR YOU UP!!!! gg


Nicole said...

i had to google tiberium wars.

i dont like strategy games.

(but i do like this painting!)

dubeta said...

The Black Hand was a Serbian terrorist organization that assasinated Franz Ferdinand. As such, I imagine this gentleman busting a cap in a silly-looking man with a moustache.

Very nice painting sir.

Bigmac said...

^ not before he grabs a sandwich, though. (assassin dude was eating a sandwich and FF happened to be driving by where he was eating when he killed him)

On another note, sweet painting jimmay.

Katie said...

Wow this is beautiful! his cape is really sweet, it's a nice contrast to his otherwise BLACK body.

Jimmy Xu said...

@ Kozak: hah hah I know you don't, that's why I made this lol

@ Dubeta: Yea it's funny how a lot of videogames take pop cult stuff and make them into more evil spinoffs : o

@ Ian: Thanks bro! Mmmmm Sandwichhhhh

@ Katie McRage: Thanks! Maybe that's what you can be when your super rage subsides : D Then starts torching people D :